Swimming Pool Service

Swimming Pool Service

We are dealing with all kinds of swimming pool service in Kuwait, from Pool Design to renovation.

Every Swimming Pool requires periodic or regular cleaning and maintenance and ongoing treatments in order to keep the pool clean and operating efficiently and safely. Whatever size or type of pool you enjoy, the technicians at Protech Swimming Pools have the experience and knowledge it takes to provide highly professional swimming pool service. We have the team of experienced staff having more than twenty years in swimming pool filed, providing affordable prices for your pool maintenance. It’s not all about chemicals, although maintaining the right level of chlorine in the pool is important. We are collecting waste, debris, unwanted substances, excess chemical in order to protect the swimming pool safety and optimum usage.

In addition, our pool service and maintenance are not only important for your family’s health, but also so you don’t get complaints from the neighbors about the smelly/dusty green pond in your premises with threats like structural damage, deterioration of plastics and water leakage.

Need Swimming Pool Service?

We are swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services by offering weekly, bi weekly and monthly visits. During our team visits in your premises, we ensure cleaning and water, PH and chlorine level, skimming, Filter back washing and vacuum, we also ensure the cleaning inside the machinery or pump room. We can guarantee the high-end cleaning and maintenance during our visit. 

Moreover, the payment options are available for monthly, bi month, tri month, half year and yearly payments. We can also provide the harmless cleaning and dosage chemicals that are used for high end cleaning of your swimming pools. We will visit as per the proper schedule and cleaning as much as possible. If you looking for the professional swimming pool services, you can contact us any time.

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