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Swimming Pool Contractor Kuwait

We are the leading Swimming Pool Contractor in Kuwait. We can build from traditional pools to custom shaped/free form swimming pools. We are specializing in design and build residential swimming pools as well as commercial pool complexes. We can build in ground pools, outdoor pools and swimming park. We are dedicated swimming pool contractor providing best class service to our customers.

Our pool build strategy starts with meeting our client to discuss their needs and getting the precise requirements. Then, our project team will visit and inspect your premises to estimate the precise project cost of the pool. Depends upon the sizes and requirements it may vary for each customer. We will submit the quotation which contains the precise cost of the project, dimensions, measurements and which kind of materials we are going to use with suggestions. After getting the approval and signing the contract, our team will arrive and make the marking on your site. Then we will start landscape works as per the schedule. We excavate at the pre-marked site as exact measurements and specifications which are mentioned in the approved quotation.

After the excavation works, the entire pool structure enclosed with steel rods at regular intervals that enhance the structural stability of the pool. Then, we will move for electrical and plumbing works followed by pressure tests. The high strength concrete mixture will apply on the top and equalize every details on the pool structure. The final processes are the fixing tiles and applying plaster to eliminate possible leak holes in the pool. We will check every detail of the requirements that are mentioned in the approved bill of quantity and ensure all will meet our checklist. Your project will finish in the period of time as mentioned in the contract.

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