Swimming Pool Renovation


Our highly skilled staff and engineers can offer swimming pool renovation, maintenance, chemical supplies and repairs to commercial and private swimming pools and spas. Our swimming pool renovation team can supply various refurbishments, upgrades and repairs to swimming pools and spas including…

  1. Total Pool or Spa Shell Refurbishment
  2. Conversion from Skimmer to Overflow water filtration
  3. Filtration Upgrades to meet Standards
  4. Replacement of Copings and Tiles/Liners
  5. Construction of in-pool steps
  6. Infill of deep areas
  7. Fiber-glass shell renovation
  8. Filter Sand Changes
  9. Filter Re-coatings
  10. Pump Overhauls
  11. Plant equipment renovation
  12. Filtration and Flow rate upgrades
  13. Filtration pipework
  14. Leak Detection with Pressure & Dye Testing
  15. Leak Repairs
  16. Automatic Water Chemical Dosing (with remote access if required)
  17. UV & Ozone Systems
  18. Pool Lighting (Fiber Optic, LED or Halogen)
  19. Water Features and Jets
  20. Competition Equipment
  21. Energy Efficiency Solutions
  22. Variable Speed Drives & VS/VF Pumps
  23. New Installations & Repairs
  24. Pool Covers
  25. Disabled Access equipment
  26. Pool Safety equipment
  27. Steam Rooms, Saunas, Spas & Water Features
  28. Hydrotherapy or Well-being massage equipment

We specialize in complete pool restorations. Our expert consultants can help you choose the interiors, colors and materials to suit your taste and budget. We use industrial standard ceramic tiles for tile bands and fully tiled pools.  Every pool that we build or renovate is made to a design and standard that we would expect in our own backyards. We are a fussy bunch and only use the best products and the best trades people.

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