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Get professional swimming pool cleaning service to renovate your swimming pool as the new built and enjoy the benefits of our pool cleaning service. Call us: 9600 4420


Routine checking of pool: Perform routine checks to ensure the pool is always in the best shape for use: Our swimming pool cleaning team performs routine checks (weekly or bi-weekly) because early detection of any damage in the pool is vital in pool maintenance.

Pool Accessories : Early detection and service of maintain pool pump, filters, and water heater. Pool pumps filter and water heater require proper management and can easily malfunction if not handled properly.

Maintain the right level of pool water chemical: Adding higher amount of chemicals in the pool cause skin irritations and discomfort and could be very harmful to the human health. Also, adding the lower amount of pool chemical will not help you to save from microorganism and harmful germs.

Free from Green AlgaeRegular usage of pool sanitizers will prevent the growth of algae. If the sanitize levels get too low, these algae spores can quickly grow and begin to stick onto pool surfaces. Our cleaning team will help to removal of algae and restore to the new built position.


Our Services includes:-

–   Swimming pool vacuum

–   Pool water drainage

–   Clean water refilling

–   Pool filter cleaning

–   Filter backwash

–   Pool filter repair

–   Wall and steps brushing


–    Water fountain cleaning

–    Algae removal

–    Debris and leaves removal

–    Pool filter replacement

–    Complete pool sweeping

–    Chlorine and pH tests

–    Pool tile cleaning

Looking for the Professional Pool Cleaner in Kuwait?

We are doing pool cleaning on scheduled basis (weekly and bi weekly). Before we sign the contract, our pool cleaning team visit your place to ensure that your pool and accessories are in good condition. Once we inspect the pool, we will quote our best price depends upon the pool size, distance and chemical cost which will used to clean properly. Once sign the contract, We will assign pool cleaners. They will visit and clean at regular intervals which has mentioned in the contract. Our goal is to perform pool maintenance on the same day of the week at each interval to ensure consistency, but alternate service days may be necessary based on availability.

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