Our swimming pool maintenance team expertise in service and repair of swimming pool pumps, filters, heaters, pool leakage and rectification work. 

Pool Pump Repair and Service

We are dealing with all kinds of pump issues. For example, If the pump making noise but does not pump the water, pump overheating issues, pump vibration, pump working without any noise, low amount of water supply, water leakage issues from pump and electrical trip when the pump turned on. We can replace the old motor/pumps with high efficiency branded pumps if needed.


Pool Filter and Heater Repair

We do service or replace the entire pool filter setup when the filter is working slowly, or not enough to remove the pool dirt, if there is any leakage in multi-port valve, tank or valve failure, the filter gets broken or dirty sand after long time use. We recommend filter backwash weekly once to avoid the above complaints. We can rectify the pool heater when not enough heating, or any malfunction in heater systems.

Pool Leakage and Rectification

Our swimming pool maintenance team is expert in leak detection and rectification techniques. We understand the stress and worry a leaking pool can produce, excessive water consumption, ground settlement caused by leaking water, however many leaks can be identified and repaired using a simple process. Nearly 75% of pool leaks can be resolved within a couple of hours by simply checking the components and fittings that cause the most common leaks. In order to accurately identify your leak, our pool maintenance team undertake 3 main methods of leak detection.


Underwater Pool Lights

Pool lights are essential part of our pool maintenance. We supply and Install high quality pool lights, LED white, Blue and multi color lights with whole casing. We will replace the old plastic lights with LED lights if needed. Underwater lights specially made for swimming pools to prevent the water.

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