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Swimming Pool Construction, Installation, Pool Cleaning, Service/Maintenance, and Renovation of old pools.

Protech General Trading and Contracting Company is the professional swimming pool company in Kuwait, having twenty years of experience in swimming pool construction, installation, renovation and maintenance.   We would like to encompass you to our list of loyal customers. We are the leading professional swimming pool builder in Kuwait, We are specialized in the design, construction and renovation of all kinds of Indoor, Outdoor swimming pools for private homes, hotels, and private clubs.

Our team of experienced pool architects will help you choose the pool that’s exactly right for your requirements and space. Our own experienced, professional craftsmen and pool installers will then carry out all work to the highest standards, and all our swimming pool construction and renovations works are fully guaranteed. Also, we specialized in Water Fountains, Jacuzzi and Sauna.


Pool Pumps

Installation and Repair of leading pool brand pumps. 


Pool Filters

Installation and Service of sand filters and valves.


Pool Lights

LED White, Blue and Multi Color and Ordinary lights


Water Testing

Ensure the optimum pool water chemistry.

Our Services

Protech provides all the pool design and expertise you need. Using state of art CAD technology, our designers and consultants will help you explore all possibilities of Innovative design.

Our highly experienced and skilled construction teams then take responsibility for every aspect to completion, including all building works, heating and ventilation. 

We make sure that you receive total design and build for your individual needs and safety of you and your family. 

We are offering weekly, monthly scheduled visit for pool maintenance. we are only a phone call away as priority is given to all our contracts.

We are supply and install all kinds of pool equipment and accessories. We also supply the pool construction materials, pool cleaning chemicals to your door step.

For renovation of old  pools, we offer an exclusive range of finishing options, comprising of a stunning selection of colors and styles from around the world. 


We offer regular pool cleaning and maintenance services. Our pool cleaning service includes pool surface skimming, Floor vacuuming, Pool water chemistry and testing, Adding essential chemicals for disinfection and to maintain quality of pool water, Pump room cleaning, Regular pump and filter checking, Algae treatment, Wall, Tile and Water liner brushing, Changing spare parts or pool accessories  if needed without installation charges. 

pool vacuuming

Floor Vacuuming


Pool Skimming


Algae Treatment


Filter Backwash


Wall and Tile Brushing


Deep Cleaning


Pump Cleaning


Water Testing


Pool Chemical

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